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Anshan Sun Locus HV Components Corp.,Ltd was founded in May 2003,this Sino-US joint venture was set up by the base of Anshan Semiconductor Factory which is a branch factory of Anshan Electronic Power Corp. and US Dean Technology Inc.,the main products are plastic -encapsulated high voltage diodes.

With more than 30 years experience of manufacturing semiconductor components ,the original Anshan Semiconductor Factory is the major production base for manufacturing plastic -encapsulated high-voltage diodes in China,the technology and equipments of production were introduced from the USA,it won the ISO9001 Quality System Certificate at the first turn in 1996.

The voltage range of the products our company manufacture is available from 3KV to 40KV while the current range from 5mA to 5A,and the reverse recovery time range from 40ns to 200ns. These series products are epoxy encapsulated axially with the characteristics which have the small body sizes,light weights and flexible uses.These products are mainly applied to CRT TV sets,CRT monitors, negative ion generators, micro-wave ovens, air cleaners,semiconductor refrigeration, laser and all kinds of power supplies etc..

The voltage range of high voltage subassemblies the company manufacture is available from 10KV to 200KV while the current range from 0.1A to 10A.These series products are 2 types with epoxy encapsulated structure and PCB structure,we can design their electrical parameters and outline dimensions according to customer’s requirements,convenient and flexible,and satisfy customer’s requests at utmost,PCB structure subassemblies have advantages of small sizes,light weights,good heat radiation,convenient uses. These products are mainly applied to the equipments of oil dewatering,electrostatic dust removal,electrostatic spraying and X-Ray machines, etc..

The plastic-encapsulated high voltage diodes the company manufacture won the State New Product and famous brand product of Liaoning province;the new pattern products by our own R&D won many letters of patent for utility model. Our products are exported abroad in a great deal to USA,Russia,Korea and Europe markets,and get a good reputation at home and abroad.

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